Fashion Design I/II

TeacherDaphne Dalge
Subject AreaFashion Design I/II
Grade Level7th & 8th grade
Week #1 - 40
Unit of InstructionIntroduction to Fashion Design - Technology in Fashion
Standard(s) Taught

– Students will learn about Fashion as an art form.
– Students will study the history of Fashion and its evolution throughout the past century.
– Students will learn how to use inspiration and through sketching.
– Students will be introduced to the Textile Industry.
– Students will learn basic hand sewing techniques.
– Students will learn about basic sewing machine operation.
– Students will be introduced to AI (Adobe Illustrator).

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Ability to develop a mood/concept board using Adobe Illustrator

– Knowing the difference between woven and knit fabric

– Using appropriate sewing techniques to create small project.

– Identifying trends from different decades.

– Ability to thread and use basic home-sewing machine

Classroom Activities

– Basic sketching, using croquis to design garments with movements and winkles.

– Sewing project such as: pillow case, scrunchies, and tote bags.

– Making mock business card, using Adobe illustrator.

– Collage inspiration from different themes.

– Making different Fabric weave with colorful construction paper.

– Watching Documentaries video on fashion.

Assignments Due
Additional Resources