PE 3rd Quarter

TeacherWilliam Heller
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q3 Weeks 5-9
Unit of InstructionStudent Officiating and PE Olympics Practice
Standard(s) Taught

Describe the training principles of overload, progression and specificity.

List the components of skill-related fitness.

Evaluate the movement performance of others.

Identify the basic rules for team sports.

Provide feedback on skill patterns of self and partner by detecting and correcting mechanical errors.

Describe how movement skills learned in one physical activity can be transferred and used in other physical activities.

Identify basic rules for individual/dual sports.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn and apply basic rules for team and individual sports to make judgement calls and referee matches

Students will understand and recognize mechanical flaws in sports or athletic movements

Students will be able to verbalize/explain corrections for mechanical errors in athletic movements or events

Students will be able to synthesize the principle of specificity and apply it to a variety of movements

Classroom Activities

Rock, paper, scissors tournament where students will referee a number of matches

Reading and practice of athletic techniques for the PE Olympics including the shot put, long jump, 100m, and broad jump

Practice of judging aforementioned events

Team sports including: football, basketball, volleyball and swamp ball

Assignments Due

Weekly participation grades
Rock paper scissors officiating test

Additional Resources