Q4 Weeks 1-9

TeacherWilliam Heller
Subject AreaPhysical Education
Grade Level6-8
Week #Q4, Weeks 1-9
Unit of InstructionStudent officiating, nutrition and team sports
Standard(s) Taught

Prepare a log noting the food intake, calories consumed and energy expended through physical activity and describe results.

Identify at least two movements or activities which will lead to improvement in each of the health-related components of fitness.

List safety procedures that should be followed when engaging in activities to improve the health-related components of fitness.

Describe how each of the health-related components of fitness are improved through the application of training principles.

Describe the long-term benefits of regular physical activity.

Evaluate the movement performance of others.

Participate in moderate physical activity on a daily basis.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will know the rules and how to apply them for team sports and in the capacity to officiate them

Students will understand team concepts and make modifications for better performance

Students will be able to recognize and diagnose infractions in team sports

Students will be able to read and interpret nutrition labels

Students will be able to create a nutrition log and interpret their caloric intake and needs

Students will be able to apply their specific caloric needs to understanding the body composition health component of fitness

Students will be know the 5 components of physical fitness and identify opportunities to improve them

Classroom Activities

Team sports including:

Assignments Due

Nutrition log
Nutrition worksheet
Weekly participation grades
Rock paper scissors tournament

Additional Resources