Dance Team Q3

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #19-27
Unit of InstructionChoreographic Elements, Artistry, Beats & Counts, Rhythm, Constructive Criticism
Standard(s) Taught


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

During this quarter, we will be focusing on fine tuning choreography for competitions and performances. This is our main competition quarter, so focus on musicality, precision, performance expression, technique, and details are key!

We will continue to have our Ballet Mondays and Technique classes on Thursdays.

We will also be participating in a partnership program with the Central Florida Community Arts Program and will have the privilege of guest Master teachers every couple of weeks!

Classroom Activities

Dancers are required to dress out each day.

Mondays we have Ballet technique class. Tights and leotard, ballet shoes required

Tuesdays and Fridays are rehearsal days.

Wednesdays are conditioning and rehearsal days.

Thursdays we have technique class, usually Jazz class.

We do self and peer assessments, video critiques

Assignments Due

Weekly Etiquette – 15 points per week max for showing proper dance etiquette and effort in class

Assessments and Critiques

Access Broadway Competition: February 5th and 7th

VCDPA: February 20th

Revolution Talent Competition: March 19th – 21st

ASH Convention: April 23rd – 25th

Additional Resources