Dance Team Q3

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Team
Grade Level6-8
Week #3rd Quarter
Unit of InstructionAdvancing Performance Skills and Choreography
Standard(s) Taught

DA.68.S.2.4 Transfer corrections or concepts from the execution of one class exercise to another.
DA.68.S.2.5 Rehearse to improve the performance quality of dance pieces.
DA.68.C.1.3 Evaluate, using personal and established criteria, how choreographic structures and/or production elements were designed to impact mood or aesthetic value within a dance piece.
DA.68.C.2.2 Reflect on critiques from a variety of sources to improve technique and the creative process, and to make decisions about one’s work.
DA.68.C.3.1 Analyze an artist’s work, using selected criteria, and describe its effectiveness in communicating meaning and specific intent.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

To break the choreography down and clean each section to prepare for competition and performance events.

To gain better understanding and confidence in each dance piece.

To watch each other and learn how to provide proper feedback to enhance our fellow dancers’ performance.

To learn how to receive criticism and apply corrections to improve our technique and performance ability.

To explore choreographic elements and performance qualities to continue to better our performance and differentiate between styles or choreographic ideas in our movements.

Classroom Activities

Mondays – Ballet Technique Class
Tuesdays and Fridays – Rehearse competition dances in great detail
Wednesdays – Conditioning Class and run dances
Thursdays – Jazz Technique Class

Assignments Due

Peer Critiques done in class

Performance Reflection Assessment following each performance event

Additional Resources