Dance Tech Q4

TeacherNatalie Kushner
Subject AreaDance Tech I/II/III
Grade Level6-8
Week #28 - 36
Unit of InstructionAdvancing Performance Skills, Choreography, Performance Production Elements
Standard(s) Taught

Practice a variety of dance sequences to improve agility and coordination in movement pattern.

Use accurate dance, theatre, and anatomical terminology to communicate with others in and related to the field of dance.

Explain the roles of dance production personnel.

Compare dance of different styles, genres and forms to show understanding of how different structures of movement give the dance identity.

Perform dance pieces to express feelings, ideas, cultural identity, music, and other abstract concepts through movements, steps, pantomime and gesture.

Complete a project designing other elements of a performance.

Rehearse to improve performance quality of dance pieces.

Perform, with dance technique, using musical accuracy and expression.

Demonstrate without prompting, procedures expected in class, rehearsal, and performance with independence.

Demonstrate retention of directions, corrections, and memorization from previous rehearsals and classes.

Demonstrate an understanding of the components of technique and style within the artistic vision of the dance form and accompaniment.

Demonstrate knowledge of stage direction.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

1. Learn and retain choreography for all pieces for the Spring Showcase.
2. Practice precision, technical advancement, musicality, and performance quality to make the pieces stage ready.
3. Put together a professional looking production to present in May.
4. Work together to design and build set and props.

Classroom Activities

This quarter, our main focus is our Spring Showcase, “Once Upon a Fairytale.” Each day, we will warm up, work on our show choreography, and add elements to the creative process of the show. Activities you can expect are:

1. Dance Warm up – student led
2. Review and cleaning/adding to choreography for multiple pieces
3. Organizing and putting together costumes
4. Designing, building/creating sets and props
5. Peer and self critiques
6. Independent or partner practice

Assignments Due

Our production will be May 28th and 29th – both shows at 6:00pm – and will count as a summative for all students

Students will receive a weekly “dance etiquette” grade based on participation, effort, readiness for class, behavior, etc.

We will have several projects with building sets and props, as well as a fun dance photography session

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