Q2W9 The Incredible Edible Egg 6th & 7th

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriscience
Grade Level6th & 7th
Week #Q2W9
Unit of InstructionThe Incredible Edible Egg
Standard(s) Taught

Describe technologies associated in careers within the food products & processing systems career pathway.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

* Have a better understanding of the health benefits of consuming eggs.
* The technology involved with farming eggs.
* The different way that eggs are graded.

Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

Assignments: each of the following assignments will be worth a total of 33 points for a weekly total of 100 points (I will award you 1 point for putting your name on your paper 🙂 )

This week we will spend some time looking at health and nutrition facts as they pertain to eggs and of course with eggs, we have to discuss chickens. This week’s assignments and activities look like the following:

Tuesday: An Eggs-ceptional-Meal handout, T_egg_nology handout (done with participation from 2 videos – please pay attention)

Wednesday: Egg Sizing (we will be using eggs and scales) for my virtual students, please stay zoomed in and get your information from you F2F friends.

Friday: There is a bonus handout that can be turned in for extra credit *if you are missing any assignments*. This activity must be done to completion and turned in by today to count toward your grade. It is the Family Legacy assignment. Once we Zoom in for any questions and follow up from our work on Wednesday, our F2F students will be going to the garden.

Additional Resources