Q1W6 Journey 2050 Unit 1 Cont… (10/5 – 10/9)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaIntroduction to Agriscience
Grade Level6th & 7th
Week #Q1W6
Unit of InstructionSustainable Agriculture
Standard(s) Taught

Describe agricultural management practices that conserve natural resources.

Demonstrate how to recycle or conserve a natural resource.

Describe the importance of agriculture on a world, national, state, and community scale.

Describe the importance of agriculture in each individual’s life.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will focus this week on how to deal with food waste.

Classroom Activities


National Geographic Article

Introduction of Marketing Project – Presentations, paragraphs, and marketing picture will be Tuesday, October 13th.  We will do the presentations in class.


Work on Marketing Project, please reach out to Mrs. Potter with questions.


Meet on Zoom, then F2F to garden (everyone should be working on Marketing Project)

Assignments Due

Marketing projects/presentations will be due on Tuesday, October 13th in class.

Additional Resources

Please make sure to refer to Canvas via VPortal. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Potter at potters@ivyhawnschool.org