Q1W8 Introduction to Ag (10/5 – 10/8)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaIntroduction to Agriscience
Grade Level6th - 8th
Week #Q1W8
Unit of InstructionJourney 2050 Sustainability
Standard(s) Taught

06.02 Correctly use measuring devices and utilize measurements to solve agricultural problems.

06.01 Apply basic mathematics operations to solve agricultural problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will better understand plants and their nutrients.

Classroom Activities

Bell Ringers:

Tuesday: If you could be any famous person, who would you be and why?

Wednesday: If you could be any insect, which would you want to be and why?

Friday: “Live out your imagination, not your history.” – Stephen Covey What do you think he means by this quote?

Assignments Due


Tuesday: Journey 2050 PowerPoint, class discussion, and worksheet

Wednesday: Article Review (due by Friday)

Friday: Lab (in groups) and then to garden

Additional Resources

Please check Canvas for additional resources.