Q1W9 – Q2W2 Fundamentals 8th Grade (10/12 – 10/29)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaFundamentals of Agriscience
Grade Level8th grade
Week #Q1W9 - Q2W2
Unit of InstructionEvolution of Agriculture
Standard(s) Taught

01.04 Interpret how changes in production practices, population, and land use have influenced the agriculture economy.

01.05 Demonstrate how development of new technology has affected agriculture production.

01.06 Examine the changes in agriculture careers that reflect the changes in production methods.

12.04 Identify the main idea in oral presentations and/or written materials.

12.06 Describe the historical evolution of agriculture.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will work as a class to:

*Trace the evolution of agriculture to the Neolithic people

*Develop a skit showing this evolution

*Perform this skit

Classroom Activities

This is a group activity that will take a couple weeks to research, develop, practice, and perform. Everyone is expected to be an involved member of this project.

Assignments Due

Students will be videoing this performance with our film/animation teacher. This production will be used by our 6th grade world history teacher to explain not only the evolution of agriculture, but the importance of agriculture to our society today. Students will use agricultural foundation facts from last year’s introduction class to help them with this skit.

Additional Resources