Q2W4 Introduction to Ag (11/9 – 11/10) 6th – 8th

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaIntroduction to Agriscience
Grade Level6th - 8th
Week #Q2W4
Unit of InstructionCommunity Outreach
Standard(s) Taught

09.04 Demonstrate effective communication skills.

10.03 Prepare written and oral materials using correct English grammar.


Sort and classify types of communication used in agriculture.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

This week we will be focusing on that standard and also reaching out to others in a service project. I think you will enjoy this week’s assignment as you get to use your creativity and will be able to complete all your work during class time.

Classroom Activities

Bell Ringers:

Tuesday 11/9: What are you most looking forward to doing over Thanksgiving Break?

Wednesday 11/10: With this project in mind, do YOU have someone in a branch of the service that is stationed away from home?

Assignments Due


With it being Veterans Day this week, what a wonderful time to remember and honor our military personnel that will be away from their families this holiday season. This week we will be working on a communication assignment. We will be making holiday cards for our service people and we’ll be working through the militaryholidaycardchallenge.com website. Feel free to get creative through the use of crayons, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, etc. You’re all very creative; now is the time to allow your creativity to shine! 🙂 They have some standards for their cards or letters and they will be your instructions for this assignment. Remember, neatness counts!

1. Please address the card to “Dear Warrior”. Be respectful and polite.

2. Write a holiday greeting, keeping in mind that our Troops are diverse in their holiday practices and beliefs.

3. Write a personal note. For example: How do you celebrate the holidays? What are your family memories of holidays?

4. Sign your first name ONLY and the town and state where you live.

5. If you are or have been in the Military, or a member of a club, or an elected official or a First Responder, please consider including that information in your Card.

6. If your card is homemade, please keep the size to no larger than an 8 x 11 size paper folded in half.

***You need to turn in AT LEAST 3 cards by the end of class on Wednesday, November 10th. These will be graded based on you following the project details. Also keep in mind, would you be proud to have them delivered to YOUR family? These individuals put their lives on the line to protect ours, put your time and effort into these cards.

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