Q2W5 Introduction to Ag (11/16 – 11/19) 6th – 8th

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaIntroduction to Agriscience
Grade Level6th - 8th
Week #Q2W5
Unit of InstructionThanksgiving
Standard(s) Taught

01.06 Identify the major agricultural production areas of the United States and the major commodities produced.

02.03 Identify specific areas of commodity production in the state, nation and world.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

*Explore where there food comes from

*Budget for a meal

*Use technology to assist them

Classroom Activities

Bell Ringers:

Tuesday: What are you most looking forward to doing over Thanksgiving break?

Wednesday: What is your favorite dessert and why?

Friday: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson What does this quote mean to you, why is it important?

Assignments Due

Assignment: (Tuesday and Wednesday)

This week your assignment will consist of planning a Thanksgiving dinner, or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, plan a meal for your family. Your meal should include either a turkey, ham, or other meat main dish. Based on a grocery store ad that you find (that is current), provide the cost of the meat and following items. Please make sure that you attach the ads to your assignment. You must include at least one starch (rice, potatoes, stuffing) and any toppings such as gravy. In addition, plan for at least 2 vegetables and if they are part of a casserole, plan for the cost of the additional ingredients. You’ll also need to consider a bread side and at least one dessert. Please tell me what your budget will be if you are planning for your family of 4-8 people. Tell me the exact number of people you are feeding. This should be a fun assignment and can be printed NEATLY in your own handwriting or done in a word doc. ALSO, pick one of the items that you wrote on your meal menu and research WHERE in the US it is predominately grown. For instance, corn is grown mostly in what state? Pineapple?

The idea at the end of this project is that we have a better understanding of where our food comes from and to consider what goes into our meals each day. Agriculture plays a tremendous part in our daily lives.

Additional Resources