Q3W7 Completion of Rabbit Unit (3/9 – 3/12)

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaAgriscience
Grade Level6th & 7th
Week #Q3W7
Unit of InstructionRabbits
Standard(s) Taught


Explain proper care for a small animal.


Demonstrate knowledge of proper nutrition and health in small and companion animals.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will learn:

Proper handling techniques

How to pose a rabbit according to breed.

About the rabbit disease RHDV2 that is affecting wild and domesticated rabbits.

Classroom Activities

Bell Ringers:

Tuesday: Welcome to March! Tell me what your favorite season is and why.

Wednesday: What are you most looking forward to doing over Spring Break?

Friday: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” P.T. Barnum – Tell me what this quote means to you.

Assignments Due


This week we will be focusing on rabbit showmanship, posing rabbits, rabbit care, and a disease that is fatal to rabbits. There is so much to consider when getting involved in raising and showing small animals and this weeks we will focus on more than just the cute, cuddly rabbit; we will focus on the care of the animal.

Tuesday: Rabbit posing (how do breeds differ) and rabbit showmanship. Once we watch the videos, please choose a type of rabbit that is of most interest to you and write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) about why you found that breed most interesting.

Wednesday: We will be watching a video about RHDV. There is also an article for you to read about it further. Please write a paragraph summarizing what you learned about RHDV. Remember, a paragraph is at least 5 sentences.

Friday: Please make sure that all your assignments are turned in. F2F will be going to the garden

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