Q4W1 Beef Cattle

TeacherSheri Potter
Subject AreaIntroduction to Agriscience
Grade Level6th & 7th
Week #Q4 W1
Unit of InstructionBeef Cattle (Ruminants)
Standard(s) Taught

CTE-AFNR.68.ANIMAL.03.03 Identify supplies and services industries related to animal science.

CTE-AFNR.68.ANIMAL.03.04 Identify the needs of an animal and describe and describe proper care for that animal.

CTE-AFNR.68.ANIMAL.03.05 Identify consumer foods and products derived from animals.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

* Get a better understanding of the ruminant digestive system
* Understand how cattle are considered recyclers
* Participate in a classroom discussion about cattle

Classroom Activities

Bell Ringers: (remember, bell ringers should be written in complete sentences)

Tuesday: Put together your bell ringer book or bell ringer pages. For F2F students, make sure you decorate the front of your book.

Wednesday: FSA Review Day – no class

Friday: “In the end, we only regret the chance we didn’t take.” How does this quote apply to you?

Assignments Due


This week we will be studying beef cattle. We will investigate how they impact the environment and how the environment is impacted by them.

Tuesday: The Remarkable Ruminant – we will explore the digestive system of beef cattle (please see the ruminants recycle activity sheet and turn the answers in by Wednesday).

Wednesday: FSA Review Day – no class

Friday: How cattle recycle – brainstorming activity, class discussion time. After activity, F2F to garden.

Additional Resources

*See Canvas for further resources*