Children’s Book Project

Ready to Begin
You will need to try to keep your word-count under 500.
Draw pictures on separate sheets of paper.
Remember, the following qualities are important in a children’s book:
• creative and realistic characters that the readers will love
• a problem or struggle that will hold the readers’ attention
• a theme that a child can relate to
• rhyme, rhythm, repetition, alliteration, or onomatopoeia
• thoughtful word choices, sentences that “show” and not just “tell” and creative figurative language
• an Interesting setting that will captivate the readers
• pages that are not boring
• a story that children will remember forever
Keep in mind things that children love as you write. Maybe you can involve these things in some way!
Examples: candy, animals, magic, feeling safe, reasons not to be afraid, suspense, songs
What else do kids love?

Final Book Requirements:
1. At least 10 pages. (Three sentences per page.)
2. Illustrations that compliment the story.
3. A moral or lesson that guides the story.
4. Dialogue that is properly formatted.