Choir Quarter 2

TeacherSarah Wilson
Subject AreaChoir
Grade Level6-8
Week #Quarter 2
Unit of InstructionAural Training & Sight Reading & Winter Concert
Standard(s) Taught

Identify, aurally, a variety of vocal styles and ensembles. (MU.68.C.1.4)

Critique, using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice or rehearsal. (MU.68.C.2.2)

Sing or play melodies by ear with support from the teacher and/or peers. (MU.68.S.1.4)

Perform music from memory to demonstrate knowledge of the musical structure. (MU.68.S.2.1)

Demonstrate knowledge of major and minor tonalities through performance and composition. (MU.68.O.2.2)

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Demonstrate correct posture when singing
  • Recognize the difference between major and minor tonalities 
  • Understand the importance of active rehearsal preparation 
  • Understand and effectively use the Kodaly solfege hand signs when singing scales and simple sight reading examples
  • Rehearse for upcoming Veteran’s day performance (in-school performance) 
  • Sight read simple melody lines
  • Sight read two part melodies in preparation for MPA (Music Performance Assessments) 
Classroom Activities

Winter Concert Repertoire:

Combined Choirs 

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker 

Beginning/Intermediate Choir 

Monster Mash, Bobby Picket & Leonard Capizzi 

Once Upon a December,Ahrens & Flaherty Arr. Snyder 

Ivy Hawnsemble 

Tidings of Comfort and Joy,Traditional Carol Arr. Snyder 

White Winter HymnalPentatonix Arr. 

Combined Choirs 

Christmas on Broadway, Arr. John Higgins 

New Year’s DayPentatonix Arr. Narverud 

Concert is December 13th 

Assignments Due

Check for any upcoming assignments.. 

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