Quarter 1 Beginning Choir

TeacherSarah Wilson
Subject AreaBeginning/Intermediate Choir
Grade Level6-8
Week #1-9
Unit of InstructionPosture, Aural Training, and Rehearsal Procedures
Standard(s) Taught

Identify, aurally, a variety of vocal styles and ensembles. (MU.68.C.1.4)

Critique, using correct music vocabulary, changes in one’s own or others’ musical performance resulting from practice or rehearsal. (MU.68.C.2.2)

Sing or play melodies by ear with support from the teacher and/or peers. (MU.68.S.1.4)

Perform music from memory to demonstrate knowledge of the musical structure. (MU.68.S.2.1)

Demonstrate knowledge of major and minor tonalities through performance and composition. (MU.68.O.2.2)


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Demonstrate correct posture when singing
  • Recognize the difference between major and minor tonalities 
  • Understand the importance of active rehearsal preparation 
  • Understand and effectively use the Kodaly solfege hand signs when singing scales and simple sight reading examples
Classroom Activities
  • Develop accurate singing posture with Level 1-3 games
  • Develop aural skills and Kodaly solfege hand skills through the “Forbidden Pattern” game
  • Learn and memorize various vocal warm-ups that will be used in choir throughout the year
  • Listen and analyze various pieces of repertoire that will be studied throughout the year
  • Discuss concert etiquette 
  • Discuss proper breathing and vocal technique
  • Work on proper vowel modification to improve tone quality while singing
Assignments Due
  • Students are given a weekly participation grade. In order to receive full marks, the student must willingly participate with proper posture and a positive attitude. 
Additional Resources