Creative Writing 3rd Quarter Standards and Objectives

TeacherSarah Wilson
Subject AreaCreative Writing
Grade Level6-8
Week #3rd Quarter
Unit of InstructionPlaywriting
Standard(s) Taught

TH:Cn10.1.I – Investigate how cultural perspectives, community ideas, and personal beliefs impact a drama/theatre work.

TH:Re7.1.8 – Apply criteria to the evaluation of artistic choices in a drama/theatre work.

TH:Cn10.1.8 – Examine a community issue through multiple perspectives in a drama work.

TH:Cr3.1.8 – Use repetition and analysis in order to revise devised or scripted drama/theatre work.

TH:Cr3.1.I – Practice and revise a devised or scripted drama/theatre work using theatrical staging conventions.

TH:Re8.1.8c – Apply personal aesthetics, preferences, and beliefs to evaluate a drama/theatre work.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

8-10 Minute Play Rough Draft Due 2/27/2020

8-10 Minute Play Final Copy Due 3/12/2020

Additional Resources