Digital Choir 1

Vocal  Warm-up: Please sing along and warm-up with the choir!

Breathing for Singing: Please watch the breathing workshop and respond to the questions below the video in your notebook!

Please answer the following:

What is Coastal Breathing?


What is diaphragmatic breathing?


Describe what the diaphragm is and how it physically moves when activated:


What exercise did the teacher instruct the mezzo-soprano to use?


Did it help? Why?


Is the “S” sound a voiced or unvoiced consonant?


What is an example of another unvoiced consonant?


What is an example of a voiced consonant?

Song to Practice:

I Lived:

4th Period Soprano 1 and 5th Period All Sopranos:

4th Period 2nd Sopranos and 5th Period Altos:

4th Period Altos, and all Male singers from both classes