***Ivy Hawnsemble Show Choir Audition Information***

Intro Video:


Ivy Hawnsemble Show Choir is a Superior and Platinum Rated Vocal Performance Ensemble at Ivy Hawn. We compete at 1 regional competition, 2 music performance assessments, and various other performance venues throughout the academic school year. Singers accepted into Hawnsemble will be placed into choir with Mrs. Wilson for 1 of their elective periods. 

For the 2020-2021 season, we are looking for approximately 20-26 singers total. Auditions are open to 6th-8th grade students. 

Electronic Applications: Due May 15th, 2020: (Please click the link below to complete the application!)


Digital Auditions: Once you have completed an online application, your student will receive an invite to their Volusia County email to join the “Show Choir Audition” course in Canvas. All audition assignments have been posted for them to complete in Canvas no later than May 20th. Break a leg!

Teacher Recommendations: Will be handled by Mrs. Wilson to make the process easier. Mrs. Wilson will contact teachers about recommendations after you fill out your application process. 

Price Breakdown for the 2020-2012 Competition/Performance Season:

Show Choir Pricing 2020-2021

Example of Show Choir Handbook from 2019-2020:

Show Choir Handbook