Orchestra Quarter 3

TeacherSarah Wilson
Subject AreaOrchestra
Grade Level6-8
Week #3rd Quarter
Unit of InstructionMPA
Standard(s) Taught

Develop and demonstrate efficient rehearsal strategies to apply skills and techniques. (MU.68.S.3.6)

Transfer performance techniques from familiar to unfamiliar pieces. (MU.68.S.2.2)

Perform the expressive elements of a musical work indicated by the musical score and/or conductor, and transfer new knowledge and experiences to other musical works. (MU.68.O.3.2)

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will rehearse for the Spring concert. They will dedicate at least 15 minutes a day of home study/practice. Students in the advanced orchestra will fine tune their skills for the Volusia County Music Performance Assessment for Chamber Orchestra are on March 2nd.

Classroom Activities

Beginning Orchestra Music:


Sound Innovations workbook

Advanced Orchestra Music:

MPA Repertoire:

  1. Lotus Dance
  2. Mythos
  3. Contemplation

Spring Concert Repertoire (will begin after March 2nd):

Assignments Due

MPA for Chamber Orchestra is March 2nd.

Additional Resources