(3) Week 22-23 February 24th-March 8th

Week 3 and 4

Expressions and equations

Skill Standards:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


Add, subtract, factor, expand linear expressions

Properties of exponents

Interpret/writing expressions

Translate expressions

Square roots and cube roots

Distributive property

Multistep word problems

Scientific notation

True expressions

Double step equations

Operations with scientific notation

Single step equations


Unit rates and proportions

Graph inequalities on number line


Slope/similar triangles

Independent/dependent variable


1/0/infinite solutions



Pairs of linear equations

Activity List:

6th and 7th Grade

8th Grade

6 assignments in Google classroom.

Class code:


9 assignments and exit slips in Google classroom.

Class code:


Read, write, and evaluate expressions

Estimating Square roots

Write and solve one step equations

Solving one and two step Equations


Solving Multi-step equations

Compare and order integers

Equations with variables on both sides

Positive and Negative Numbers

Simplifying equations

Distance on a coordinate plane