(3) Week 24-26 March 12th-April 5th

All assignments for this next Unit can be found in Khan Academy. Each grade level will be working on the grade specific skills. Khan Academy provides videos and practice.

  • Every student has the same password: ivyhawnmath
  • If they cannot remember their username, email Ms. Sprague spraguec@ivyhawnschool.org

Class days to work on Statistics and probability standards:

    • March 12 through April 5th

Standards covered on FSA for each grade:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Statistical questions

Random sampling, inferences, and generalizations

Scatter plots

Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Compare two data sets using Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Linear relationships

Measure of center (variability)

Probability 0-1, likely or unlikely

Slope and intercept

Dot Plot, Histograms, box plot

Experimental and theoretical probability

Relative frequencies and 2-way tables

Deviation/Shape of data

Single, compound, uniform, probability models

Convert rational numbers to a decimal



Estimate value of irrational numbers