Quarter 3: Weeks 5 and 6: Theater 1/2 (Periods 2, 4, and 6)

Theatre History Review Sheet 2020 complete

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaM/J Theatre 1 & 2
Grade Level6, 7 and 8th grade
Week #Week 5: February 3-7 and Week 6: February 10-14
Unit of InstructionTheater History; !0 rules of Improvisation; Creating Theater from Art
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Monday/Tuesday February 3 & 4

Vocabulary Challenge: (Answers due on Wed., Feb. 5): When is it good luck to bring the director “Graveyard” flowers? What is the history behind this? 

Activities: Video on Medieval Theater X Three (3). Using the last video seen create a improvisation scene translating the French lines into English. Perform for the class.  

Crow Improvisation: C= Character; R=Relationship; O=Objective and W=where. Create scenes using CROW with only 3 lines of dialogue. All information must be given in the scene. 

Wednesday, February 5 (NOT EARLY RELEASE)

Vocabulary Challenge Answer given!

Journal Entry: “Improvisation is easy” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

Activities: Choosing a group of 3-4 people, Plan a scene using the improvisation rule: You Don’t Have to be Funny!  Make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and ending. Critique: Were the students able to maintain a serious scene without laughing or adding humor? What was good about the scenes? What needed improvement?

Work on File Folder Project!

Thursday/Friday February 6/7

Journal Entry: Edit and revise one written monologue or scene based on art from past few weeks 

File Folder Project Still working on this project. Due next week Monday/Tuesday Feb. 10/11 (15-20 minutes to work on in class)

Activity: Improvisation Games and Situation Improvisation using Improvisation rule: Be Specific and Add Details!

Monday/Tuesday February 10/11

File Folder Project Due TODAY!! Students will have time to finish their file folder projects in class and turn in for a grade!

Vocabulary Challenge: Theatre Superstition: Why is it unlucky to say the play title “Macbeth” in the Theater? What is the History behind this superstition? Give one example of bad luck happening from Shakespeare’s Scottish Play. (Due Wed. Feb 12)

Activities: View video on Commedia Del Arte. Explore the Characters and movement of each character. Break into small groups and perform an improvisation scene using Lazzi. 

Wed., Feb. 12

Provide answers to vocabulary challenge/theater superstitions. Shakespeare’s Scottish play (Macbeth).

Review for Theatre History Test on Greek, Roman, Medieval Theatre history.

Thursday/Friday February 13/14

Journal Entry: Review for Quiz

Activity: Theatre History Quiz on Greek, Roman and Medieval time periods

Assignments Due

File Folder Project Due–for real!! February 10th or 11th

Daily Journal Entries!

Theatre History Quiz–Feb. 13/14

Vocabulary Challenge! Theatre Superstitions. 

Additional Resources