This Week: Quarter 4: Theatre 1/2: Digital Lessons for April 13-May 1 (Periods 2, 4, & 6)

Famous Actor project 2020

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaM/J Theatre 1 & 2
Grade Level6, 7 and 8th grade
Week #Quarter 4: Digital Lessons April 13-May 1
Unit of InstructionPutting it all together
Standard(s) Taught

Big Idea TH.68.H: Historical and Global Connections;

Enduring Understanding 1: TH.68.H.1; Through study in the arts, we learn about and honor others and the worlds in which they live(d).

TH.68.H.1.3: Identify significant contributions of playwrights, actors, and designers and describe their dramatic heritage. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will research an actor. (Theater 2 students will select a Director or Playwright.)

Student will create a presentation about that specific actor. (Theater 2 students will select a Director or Playwright.)



Classroom Activities

Digital Lesson #4: “Famous Actor/Actress” project:

This is one of Mrs. Stewart’s favorite projects! You will pick an actor or actress from the list below or your choice of actor/actress with prior approval from Mrs. Stewart. (If you are a Theater 2 student in a Theater 1 class, you will pick a Director or Playwright. Some are listed below.) You may choose what type of project you are doing from the following list. Questions to answer are listed below. If you need a copy of the questions and project list, there is a downloadable file for you at the top of the page. (Famous Actor Project 2020). 

What is the Proposed Project?

  1. Power Point Presentation about selected actor/actress.(at least one slide per question)
  2. Performance re-creating a famous scene from selected actor/actress credits with short informational speech about person selected. (Video presentation.)
  3. Writing a research paper on selected actor/actress’ life. (a paragraph per question)
  4. Create a film biography on the actor/actress. (Video presentation.)

Questions to answer about the selected actor/actress:

  • How did their early life contribute to their success? Give examples and tell how you think it contributed to their success.
  • What kind of education do they have? How did it help their career?
  • What obstacles did they overcome to become famous? Give examples and tell how you think overcoming the obstacle helped them manage their career.
  • What are their credits? Or what made them famous?
  • How do they give back to their community now that they are famous? Do they have any charities that they contribute to or created? What makes that charity important to them?
  • Any other biographical information you would like to include that you feel is important.
  • Don’t forget to include pictures!

Important Due Dates: (For your information.)

Project Proposal: Please text or email Mrs. Stewart your choice of actor/actress.

Finished Project deadline: Friday, May 1

Again, if you a Theater 2 student in Period 2, 4, or 6 (Ruari, Jade, Katelyn, Joey, Ava), you pick a director or playwright to research. Use the same questions listed above, but also include the Question: What is the director or playwright’s style of direction/writing?

Assignments Due

Famous Actor Project due–Wednesday, April 22 to Friday May 1 (If in Theater 2–Famous Director or Playwright)

Additional Resources

List of Actors and Actresses Appropriate for Famous Actor/Actress Project: (If you are interested in a actor/actress not listed here, please check with Mrs. Stewart.)

Johnny Depp      Jack Nicholson    Clint Eastwood     Sean Connery     Matthew McConaughly

Arnold Schwarzenegger     Sylvester Stallone     Christian Bale     Bradley Cooper     

Ryan Gosling     Robin Williams     Hugh Jackman     Bill Murray     Anthony Hopkins     

Ryan Reynolds     Dwayne Johnson     Chris Pratt     Adam Sandler     Keanu Reeves     

Ian McClellan     James Dean     Gene Kelly     Vin Diesel     Jim Cary     John Travolta     

Forrest Whitaker     Nicholas Cage     Heath Ledger     Eddie Murphy     Don Cheadle

Antonio Banderas     Marlon Brando     Brad Pitt     Will Smith     Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hanks     Harrison Ford     Robert DeNiro     Tom Cruise     Morgan Freeman

Al Pacino     Matt Damon     Robert Downey Jr.      Samuel L. Jackson     Denzel Washington

George Clooney     Ben Affleck     Bruce Willis     Humphrey Bogart     Clark Gable  

Daniel Day-Lewis     Sidney Poitier     Gregory Peck     Spencer Tracy     Gary Grant     

Lawrence Olivier     James Stewart     Bruce Lee     Henry Fonda     Andrew Garfield

Julia Roberts     Katheryn Hepburn     Jessica Lang     Meryl Streep     Cate Blanchett

Bette Davis     Glenn Close     Emma Thompson     Elizabeth Taylor     Jane Fonda     

Kate Winslet     Dame Judi Dench     Michelle Pfeiffer     Sigourney Weaver     Jodi Foster

Dame Maggie Smith     Julianne Moore     Susan Saradon     Kathy Bates     Naomi Watts

Whoopi Goldberg     Regina King     Emma Watson     Carrie Fisher     Julie Andrews     

Emma Stone     Naomie Harris     Lucy Liu     Jennifer Connelly     Gweneth Paltrow

Tilda Swinton     Amy Adams     Jennifer Garner     Keira Knightley     Winona Ryder

Uma Thurman     Scarlett Johansson     Faye Dunaway     Viola Davis     Nicole Kidman

Annette Bening     Diane Wiest     Ellen Burstyn     Diane Keaton     Renee Zellweger   

Jessica Chastain     Sissy Spacek     Sally Field     Sandra Bullock     Jennifer Lawrence

Geena Davis     Helena Bonham Carter     Helen Hunt     Natalie Portman     Greta Garbo

Kristin Scott Thomas     Anne Hathaway     Meg Ryan     Angelina Jolie     Amanda Bynes

Short List of Directors and Playwrights for Theater 2 Students:

Alfred Hitchcock     Stephen Spielberg     Tim Burton     George Lucas 

Peter Brook     Sam Mendes     Julie Taymor     Harold Prince

Edward Albee     William Shakespeare     Neil Simon     Eugene O’Neill

(There are MANY more… you may pick your own director or playwright.)