This Week: Quarter 4; Theatre 2/3 Weeks of April 20-May 1 (Periods 1 & 5)

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaM/J Theatre 2 & 3
Grade Level7th and 8th
Week #April 20 to May 1
Unit of InstructionDirector/Playwright Project
Standard(s) Taught

Big Idea TH.68.H: Historical and Global Connections;

Enduring Understanding 1: TH.68.H.1; Through study in the arts, we learn about and honor others and the worlds in which they live(d).

TH.68.H.1.3: Identify significant contributions of playwrights, actors, and designers and describe their dramatic heritage. 

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will research a Director or Playwright.

Student will create a presentation about that specific Director or Playwright.

Classroom Activities

Hello Advanced Theatre Students!

Once you have finished the Shakespeare Assignments, we are doing the traditional Director/Playwright project. You all have done the Actor project in Theater 1. Same project different person and added questions about their style. Have fun with it! 

Famous Director/Playwright” Proposal for 4th quarter project Drama 2/3: 

 Student Name:  __________________________________________________________

Director/Playwright Selected: ____________________________________________________

What is the Proposed Project? (circle your pick)

  1. Power Point Presentation about selected Director/Playwright.
  2. Performance re-creating a famous scene from selected Director/Playwright credits with short informational speech about person selected. Video presentation.
  3. Writing a research paper on selected Director/Playwright’s life.
  4. Create a film biography on the Director/Playwright.

Questions to answer about the selected Director/Playwright:

  • How did their early life contribute to their success? Give examples and tell how you think it contributed to their success.
  • What kind of education do they have? How did it help their career?
  • What obstacles did they overcome to become famous? Give examples and tell how you think overcoming the obstacle helped them manage their career.
  • What are their credits? Or what made them famous?
  • In which style does the Director/Playwright create? Do you like this style? Why?
  • How do they give back to their community now that they are famous? Do they have any charities that they contribute to or created? What makes that charity important to them?
  • Any other biographical information you would like to include that you feel is important.
  • Don’t forget to include pictures!


Assignments Due

Important Due Dates: (For your information.)

Finished Project deadline: Friday, May 1  (Finished project turned in to Mrs. Stewart.)

Additional Resources

Short List of potential Directors and Playwrights:

Directors and Playwrights:

Alfred Hitchcock      Stephen Spielberg                Tim Burton              George Lucas 

Peter Brook              Sam Mendes                         Julie Taymor            Harold Prince

Bertolt Brecht          Konstantin Stanislavski      Harold Prince           Leigh Silverman

Edward Albee           William Shakespeare          Neil Simon                Eugene O’Neill

Caryl Churchill         Tennessee Williams            Lillian Hellman        Moliere

(These are just a few. Please try to choose a director of the THEATRE, but if you feel strongly about a movie director, you may choose that person. It needs to be a VERY famous movie director like those on the top line of ideas!!)

(You may choose any other playwright you would like. Please make sure they have had productions done of their work—more than one. And hopefully have been published.)

Have Fun!