Quarter 3: Intermediate and Advanced Theater (Periods 2 & 5)

Casting of Student Directed One Acts:

Period 2:

The Two Best Friends–Director: Karissa

Althea–Noelle L.; Oliver–Kamryn S.; Barista–Jaqueline L.

Costumes–Adalia; Stage Manager–Eva; Props–Kamryn

Passing Moments–Director: Olivia S.

Henry–Brandon V; Young Henry–Bradyn D; Young Mary–Jacqueline L.; Doctor–Simone; Mary–Eva

Rush Hour–Director: Brayden D.

Moe–Kennedy; Alex–Kate; Crazy Customer 1–Tristan B; Crazy Customer 2–Jase; Crazy Customer 3–Maliah; Undercover Boss–Noelle L; Narrator–Adalia

I Need a Job–Directors: Tristan B and Jase S.

Mr. Presley–Levi; Josh–Nalin; Zack–Collin R; Old Man–Branden; Zack’s Mom–Ava

B-Flat–Director: Faith Dorta

Lawson–Levi; Michael–Ava; Narrator 1/ 2–Simone + Eva; El Gato–Branden; Gary–Tristan B.


5th Period To Be Announced ASAP