Quarter 3: M/J Theater 1 (Period 1, 6, & 7)

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaIntro to Theater (M/J Theater 1)
Grade Level6, 7 & 8
Week #Week 1-9 (Jan. 4 to Mar10)
Unit of InstructionHistory of the Theater AND Ten Rules of Improvisation
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

In this quarter we will delve into Theater History on Mon/Tue and Thur/Fri. On Wednesdays we will explore the 10 rules of Improvisation and what makes “good” Improvisation.

Week 1: Early Theater and Greeks; Improvisation rules 1-3

Week 2: Greek Theater and Roman Theater; Improvisation rules 1-3

Week 3 & 4: Medieval Theater, Renaissance, and Commedia Del Arte; Improv Rules 4 & 5

Week 5:  Elizabethan Theater(Shakespeare); Improv Rule 6 & 7

Week 6: Eastern Theater including Kabuki and Noh; Improv rule 8 & 9

Week 7 & 8: Modern American–Major Playwrights and Musical Theater; Improv rule 10

Theatre History Review for Test: February 24 & 25

Week 9: Theater History Test and 10 Rules of Improvisation Quiz 

March 7-10: Retakes and Improvisation Activities

Assignments Due

Daily Journal Entries

Questions on Videos

Greeks vs Romans

In class Improvisation detailing each rule of Improvisation

File Folder History Project

Commedia Characters and Lazzi

Shakespeare Sonnet

And our special vocabulary challenges using Theatrical Superstitions!

Additional Resources