Quarter 3: Theater 1: Periods 2nd and 6th


TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaIntro to Theater (M/J Theater 1)
Grade Level6, 7 & 8
Week #February 22-26; March 1-5; March 8-12 and March 15-18
Unit of InstructionTheater History: First Theater, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Commedia Del Arte, Musical Theater, Kabuki and, Modern
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Monday/Tuesday, February 22/23

Students will meet in small group. Read assigned passage in Textbook. Create way to present information on Theater history in an entertaining way. (First Theater, Greek and Roman) Groups will show scene with information. 

Mrs. Stewart will review important information in each time period

Students will view Ted Ed Talk on Battle of the Greek Tragedians. 

Wednesday, February 24

Students will review Ted Ed talk on Medieval Theater.

Students will do short activity using allegorical characters used in Medieval Theater.

Thursday/Friday February 25/26

Students will review Renaissance and Elizabethan Theater History pages in Textbook. Will work as a whole group. 

Students will participate in first of Shakespeare language activities using Sonnet. 

Monday/Tuesday March 1/2

Shakespeare Monologue/Scene activity

Wednesday March 3   

Students will watch Commedia Video in prep of activities for Thursday and Friday. 

Thursday/Friday March 4/5

Students will experience the various ways Commedia Del Arte characters move and speak.

Lazzi; The comic business of Commedia will be explored.

Monday/Tuesday March 8/9

Musical Theater and the History of Broadway

Wednesday March 10

Noh, Kabuki and Shadow Puppets of the Eastern Theater Traditions

Thursday/Friday March 11/12

Modern American Theater, Experimental Theater and Absurd Theater

Monday/Tuesday March 15/16

Theater History Test! (Summative)

Wednesday March 17

Remediation of Theater History Test

Thursday, March 18

More Commedia del Art and Improvisation activities. 

Assignments Due

Worksheet on First Theater, Greek and Roman

Worksheet on Medieval Theater

Worksheet on Renaissance and Elizabethan Theater

Worksheet on Eastern Theater

Commedia Characters in class scene

Shakespearean Language–Sonnets

Shakespearean Language–Monologue/Scenes

Theater History Test!

Additional Resources