Quarter 4: Actor/Actress Project Information for Periods 1, 6, & 7

“Famous Actor/Actress” Proposal for M/J Theater 1
Student Name: __________________________________________________________
Actor/Actress/Director Selected: ____________________________________________________
What is the Proposed Project?
1. Power Point Presentation about selected actor/actress.
2. Performance re-creating a famous scene from selected actor/actress past credits with short
informational speech about person selected. (video presentation okay)
3. Writing a research paper on selected actor/actress life.
4. Create a film biography on the actor/actress
Give a short description of the project:

Questions to answer about the selected actor/actress
 How did their early life contribute to their success? Give examples and tell how you think it contributed to their success. 
 What kind of education do they have? How did it help their career?
 What obstacles did they overcome to become famous? Give examples and tell how you think overcoming these obstacles helped them manage their career.
 What are their credits? Or what made them famous?
 How do they give back to their community now that they are famous? Do they have any charities that they contribute to or created? What makes that charity important to them?
 Any other biographical information you would like to include that you feel is important.

Don’t forget to include pictures!!