Quarter 4 Week 4 April 20-24, 2020

TeacherDanielle Suhr
Subject AreaELA/Reading
Grade Level7
Week #32
Unit of InstructionPoetry, Vocabulary, Reading a Novel, Greek Root Words
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Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Monday – Vocabulary Day

Vocabulary Words for This Week:

acquire – to get, buy, or obtain something for yourself

“I acquired two tickets to the NBA playoffs.”

inspire – to fill someone else with the urge or ability to do their best or to feel uplifted, positive feelings

“My goal is to inspire my students to be people of integrity.”

gratuitous – given or done free of charge

“Jana’s orthodontist told her that today’s visit was gratuitous, so there would be no charge.

Review last few weeks’ Vocabulary Words:

frantic – wild with fear, panic-stricken

gracious – courteous, kind, and pleasant

gourmet – a person who knows and loves a variety of good foods that have been exquisitely prepared.

magnificent – Great, mighty, wonderful

catastrophic – The absolute worst, disastrous

life-changing – Something so powerful that it resets the course of a person’s life

Read Your Greekies

Common Greek Root Words
anthropo      man; human; humanity anthropologist, philanthropy
auto             self autobiography, automobile
bio               life biology, biography
chron           time chronological, chronic
dyna            power dynamic, dynamite
dys              bad; hard; unlucky dysfunctional, dyslexic
gram            thing written epigram, telegram
graph           writing graphic, phonograph
hetero          different heteronym, heterogeneous
homo           same homonym, homogenous
hydr             water hydration, dehydrate
hyper           over; above; beyond hyperactive, hyperbole
hypo            below; beneath hypothermia, hypothetical
logy             study of biology, psychology
meter/metr   measure thermometer, perimeter
micro           small microbe, microscope
mis/miso      hate misanthrope, misogyny
mono           one monologue, monotonous
morph          form; shape morphology, morphing
nym             name antonym, synonym
phil              love philanthropist, philosophy
phobia         fear claustrophobia, phobic
photo/phos  light photograph, phosphorous
pseudo         false pseudonym, pseudoscience
psycho         soul; spirit psychology, psychic
scope           viewing instrument microscope, telescope
techno          art; science; skill technique, technological
tele              far off television, telephone
therm           heat thermal, thermometer


Read your book report book for 20 minutes. Your book report is due May 8. We will do our book reports live on ZOOM in small groups.

♥♥♥This is for a FORMATIVE GRADE: Think Cerca Assignment – Vocabulary Strategies  https://www.thinkcerca.com/

Wednesday, Poetry Day

Watch the two videos on poetry: If by Rudyard Kippling and Invictus by William Earnest Henley. 

Periods 1 and 3: Work on iReady online for 45 minutes.

Period 2: Write an original poem. Your poem can be any form and on any subject. I am not setting requirements for how long or how short or what style. Send your poem to me on REMIND. This is not mandatory–it is for extra points!♥♥♥


Read your book report book for 20 minutes. Your book report is due May 8. We will do our book reports live on ZOOM in small groups. Yay!

♥♥♥This is for a FORMATIVE GRADE: Think Cerca Assignment – The Harlem Renaissance 



Use this day to catch up on any unfinished assignments. Check your grades on Grade Book through VPortal. Make sure you are caught up. If you need me for any reason, contact me through Remind, by e-mail (forneym@ivyhawnschool.org) or text message. If you need help and you’d like to ZOOM with me, let me know. I am available to help you!

Remember how much I love and care for you–each one. I miss you!

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