Quarter 4 Week 3 April 13-17, 2020

TeacherDanielle Suhr
Subject AreaELA/Reading
Grade Level7
Week #31
Unit of InstructionCentral Idea, Reading a Novel, Making a Difference, Looking for Details, Common Greek Root Words
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

Hello, class. I miss you and wish you well. Here are your assignments for this week:


Choose a book to read for a final book report. Now that we are not meeting by ZOOM, I can’t ask you what you are reading and hear your response. So, choose a book you have or borrow one from a friend. There are also free books inside the door of the elementary side of Ivy Hawn. Ask your mom or dad to stop by and get one if you don’t have any books. Call the school first to make sure someone is there to open the door.

Send me your title on REMIND for me to know what you are reading and approve it. I will be asking you to read on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will write a book report that is due May 8.

Watch the two videos about FROZEN, the Broadway Musical. Notice the details and hard work it takes to produce a production like this.

Our vocabulary words this week are:

frantic – wild with fear, panic-stricken

gracious – courteous, kind, and pleasant

gourmet – a person who knows and loves a variety of good foods that have been exquisitely prepared.

Tuesday –

Read 30 minutes in your book report book. If you don’t have a book, spend this time finding a book.

Wednesday –

This year we have studied etiquette and kindness and the effects they have on the world. For a formative grade, earn the following points up to 100 points, your choice. Your mother/father should send me your total and list of chores by Friday at 5:00.

Make your bed 10 points

Wipe off and organize the bathroom counter 10 points

Dust the living room 10 points

Sweep the kitchen 10 points

Dust the artificial plants 10 points

Clean your bedroom closet 20 points

Clean the cat litter box 20 points

Sweep the front entry and walkway 10 points

Empty the dishwasher 10 points

Empty all the trashcans and put in fresh liners 10 points

Weed the flower beds 20 points

Walk the dog 10 points

Unload the groceries 20 points

Fold the clean towels 10 points

Fold a load of clean clothes 10 points

Unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away 10 points

Dust the TV 10 points

Scrub and fill the pets’ water and food bowls 10 points

Dust the fan blades and vacuum up the dust bunnies 10 points

Write and mail a letter to your grandmother/aunt/grandfather, etc. 20 points

Do the dishes after supper 20 points

Wipe all counters and surface spaces in the kitchen 10 points

Clean all door knobs and wipe around them 10 points

Thursday –

Read 30 minutes in your book report book

Friday –

Reread your vocabulary words for this week.

Read your Greekies sheet

Do your assignment on Think Cerca: Central Ideas

Click Here for Think Cerca: /Think Cerca Link



Additional Resources

Common Greek Root Words
anthropo      man; human; humanity anthropologist, philanthropy
auto             self autobiography, automobile
bio               life biology, biography
chron           time chronological, chronic
dyna            power dynamic, dynamite
dys              bad; hard; unlucky dysfunctional, dyslexic
gram            thing written epigram, telegram
graph           writing graphic, phonograph
hetero          different heteronym, heterogeneous
homo           same homonym, homogenous
hydr             water hydration, dehydrate
hyper           over; above; beyond hyperactive, hyperbole
hypo            below; beneath hypothermia, hypothetical
logy             study of biology, psychology
meter/metr   measure thermometer, perimeter
micro           small microbe, microscope
mis/miso      hate misanthrope, misogyny
mono           one monologue, monotonous
morph          form; shape morphology, morphing
nym             name antonym, synonym
phil              love philanthropist, philosophy
phobia         fear claustrophobia, phobic
photo/phos  light photograph, phosphorous
pseudo         false pseudonym, pseudoscience
psycho         soul; spirit psychology, psychic
scope           viewing instrument microscope, telescope
techno          art; science; skill technique, technological
tele              far off television, telephone
therm           heat thermal, thermometer