Week 3: April 13-17 Remote Learning Regular and Advanced Math

Dear Parents and Students,

All lessons for this 3rd week of remote learning can be found on Google Classroom.  If you haven’t been on Google Classroom yet, you will need to join your class with a join code.  The join codes are:

Regular Math:  vi5nfdt 

Advanced Math:  wyny6jd 

The lessons for this week are listed under “Classroom” then “Assignments” on Google Classroom.  Each lesson name starts with the date then lists the subject.  For Regular Math, the first lesson is Monday, April 13 – Circle Circumference and Area.  For Advanced Math, the first lesson is Monday, April 13 – Evaluating Functions.  Completed assignments should be screen shot and turned into Google Classroom (not to REMIND this week).  Please don’t use REMIND or email to attach screen shots of work.  Here is video on how to submit screen shots to Google Classroom. Click on this link:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjrJvMiTRgw .  This might be a bit too elementary, but it’s very clear. Watch it to the end.  I also put a verbal description of steps for submitting work to Google Classroom on Remind early this week.  Be sure to submit your screen shot/work to the related assignment on Google Classroom.  Please don’t submit 4 or 5 different assignments on on day/assignment.  Thank you for your cooperation with this request.  I can grade assignments and give valuable feedback quickly if everyone follows this process.

 There are no IXL assignments this week.  The last assignment on Friday will be graded, as well as one other assignment from this week that is designated as “gradable.” 

I will not be using Zoom this week, so there is no set time for math this week.

One Google Classroom assignment has been graded for each class, Regular and Advanced.  Grades can be viewed in Google Classroom.  Students may make corrections to these assignments to improve grades.  See comments on assignments that were turned into Google Classroom.

If you have any questions, please contact me through REMIND (also Ivy Hawn email).  I will see those messages before any comments on Google Classroom “stream” or county email.  Have a great week!