Q3W3 (Jan 18-21)

TeacherKevin Kearney
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level7
Week #3
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.7.R.2.1 Explain how individual text sections and/or features convey a purpose in texts.
ELA.7.R.2.4 Track the development of an argument, analyzing the types of reasoning used, and their effectiveness.
ELA.7.R.3.2 Paraphrase content from grade-level texts.
ELA.7.R.3.3 Compare and contrast how authors with differing perspectives address the same ore related topics or themes.
ELA.7.R.3.4 Explain the meaning and/or significance of rhetorical devices in a text.
ELA.7.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.
ELA.K12.EE.6.1 Use appropriate voice and tone when speaking or writing.
ELA.7.V.1.2 Apply knowledge of Greek and Latin roots and affixes to determine meanings of words and phrases in grade-level content.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

I can…

– Identify and use rhetorical strategies (pathos, logos, ethos)
– Explain the main point of a text and assess the validity of its claim
– Provide text evidence and elaboration to support my claim
– Determine meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary using knowledge of Greek and Latin roots

Classroom Activities

Tuesday 1/18
– Do Now: Describe a tense, difficult, or scary situation you had to deal with.
– Intro new vocab (more Greek and Latin roots)
– Team Duty Assignments (vocab sentences, quote boards, Do Now host, weekly summary)
– Start “Rogue Wave” in HMH online platform
Wednesday 1/19
– Do Now: Are you self-reliant? Explain your answer.
– Continue “Rogue Wave”
– Independent Work Time
Thursday 1/20
– No Do Now
– Continue “Rogue Wave” online questions
– IXL Grammar work
Friday 1/21
– No Do Now
– Vocab Quiz
– Rogue Wave Game

Assignments Due
Additional Resources

Vocab Week 3

A / An / Dis / Il / Im / In / Ir / Non / Un – not
As in “asymmetrical” “anesthetic” “disappear” “illiterate” “impolite” “incompetent” “irrelevant” “nonsense” “unnatural”

Ante / Fore / Pre – before
As in “antebellum” “forecast” “preheat”

Auto – self, same
As in “autopilot”

Intra – inside, within
As in “intravenous”

Inter – between, among
As in “interstate”

Morph – form
As in “metamorphosis”

Sub / Hypo – below/under
As in “subway” and “hypothermia”

Super /Hyper – above/over
As in “supernatural” and “hyperbole” and “hyperactive”

Tele – far away
As in “teleport”

Trans – across, beyond, change
As in “translate” and “transportation”