TeacherKevin Kearney
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level7
Week #5
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Mr. Kearney was absent some of this week.

In class we reviewed vocabulary terms and explored different poetic forms.

Students logged in to the HMH Into Literature platform and took the Growth Measure Diagnostic.

All topics from this week will be reviewed in week 6.

The vocab from this week will also be covered and quizzed during week 6.

Do Now’s:
Describe your experience with poetry.
How much have you read?
Do you like it? Why/Why Not?
Where does it come from?
Does it have a purpose?
What even is it?

What are some of your favorite/most memorable song lyrics?
What do they mean to you?
Why do you think they stick with you?

Describe a favorite memory.
Try to include descriptive or figurative language in your response.

Thursday and Friday – None

Assignments Due
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