TeacherKevin Kearney
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level7
Week #4
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– Do Now: Choose 5 excellent words. They can appeal to you for any reason. Explain why you picked each word.
– Intro new vocab
– Sci-fi creative writing (prompts are listed below vocab, further down this page)
– Do Now: Can a person use too much technology? Explain your answer in 5 sentences.
– Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt” Read short story, answer packet questions, view video adaptation from Bradbury Theatre.
Wednesday (early release)
– Do Now: Is modern technology ultimately good or bad for humanity? Explain your answer.
– Finish video
– Finish and submit 2nd drafts of informative essays
– Independent work time
– Do Now:Use as many vocab words as you can in 5 or fewer sentences.
– Vocab quiz
– Independent Work Time

Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

Tuesday: Sci-fi creative writing (minimum: front of one page)
Wednesday: TYPED 2nd draft of informative essay
Friday: vocab quiz

Additional Resources

Vocab Q2W4
Cornobble (v) to hit with a fist
Defenestrate (v) a throwing of a person or thing out of a window; a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office)
Exhilarated (adj) very happy, animated, or elated.
Flabbergasted (adj) greatly surprised or astonished.
Musty (adj) having a stale, moldy, or damp smell (or taste); lacking originality or vitality
Prolific (adj) of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring; present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful.
Shrubbery (n) a group of woody plants which are smaller than a tree and have several main stems arising at or near the ground
Swanky (adj) stylishly luxurious and expensive.
Uvula (n) a fleshy extension at the back of the soft palate which hangs above the throat
Zeal (n) great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective

Writing Short Fiction: Choose one of the following prompts and compose a piece of short fiction inspired by it.
o Imagine you are on a rocket to Mars. Write a diary entry about why you are going, how you feel about the journey, and what you hope to experience when you arrive.
o Imagine you are a journalist covering space travel in the future. Write a news article about a fictional space-related event.
o Imagine you live and work on Mars. Your job is to welcome and orient new arrivals from Earth. Write a speech you would give to new immigrants to Mars explaining what life is like on the red planet, and what they should know as they begin their new lives there.
o Compose a sequel to the story “Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed” showing what happens to the settlers from Earth who arrive on Mars at the end of Bradbury’s story.