Q3W1 (Jan 4-7)

TeacherKevin Kearney
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level7
Week #1
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.7.R.1.1 Analyze the impact of setting on character development and plot in a literary text
ELA.7.R.2.1 Explain how individual text sections and/or features convey a purpose in texts.
ELA.7.R.2.4 Track the development of an argument, analyzing the types of reasoning used, and their effectiveness.
ELA.7.R.3.2 Paraphrase content from grade-level texts.
ELA.7.R.3.3 Compare and contrast how authors with differing perspectives address the same ore related topics or themes.
ELA.7.R.3.4 Explain the meaning and/or significance of rhetorical devices in a text.
ELA.7.C.1.5 Improve writing by planning, revising, and editing, considering feedback from adults and peers.
ELA.7.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.
ELA.K12.EE.6.1 Use appropriate voice and tone when speaking or writing.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

I can…
– Identify and use rhetorical strategies (pathos, logos, ethos)
– Explain the main point of a text and assess the validity of its claim
– Provide text evidence and elaboration to support my claim
– Compose an effective argumentative essay

Classroom Activities

Tuesday 1/4
– New Seating Chart
– Do Now: Describe an experience from winter break in 5 sentences.
– Intro new vocab words
– Dichotomies and Debate Structure
– Team Flash Debates (roll dice to select debate topics from class list, prepare a claim, 3 reasons with evidence and elaboration, address counterclaim)
Wednesday 1/5
– Do Now: To what extent do our actions define us? Explain your answer in 5 sentences.
– “Mississippi Solo” and “Polar Dream” – Read on screen, elaboration PPT, sample argument plan
– Laptop assignment and check-in (verify HMH and IXL log ins, quizlet)
– Class Job Assignments, Team Duty Schedule and RPG Introduction
– Team Posters and Individual Avatar Posters/cards
Thursday 1/6
– Do Now: Use as many vocab words as you can in 5 sentences (at least 5 vocab words)
– Argument Writing: structure and planning
– Mandela/King model essay with color coding
– James Forten model essay with color coding
– Argument Writing Plan (handout) for “Bold Actions” text set (in class PPT elaboration practice)
Friday 1/7
– No Do Now
– Vocab Quiz Q3W1
– Team RPG with review (vocab and argument writing scaffolding review)

Assignments Due

Thursday: Team Poster and individual Avatars DUE
Friday: Vocab Quiz (words below), Argument Writing Plan #1 “Bold Actions” DUE

Additional Resources

Q3W1 (academic terms)
Anticipate (v) to expect beforehand
Aspect (n) a particular part or feature of something
Claustrophobic (adj) having a fear of being in closed or small spaces; used to describe an enclosed room with little space
Commentary (n) discussion and analysis of evidence in relation to the claim which may identify patterns, describe trends, and/or explain relationships; an explanation or interpretation
Equivalent (adj) having the same value
Evaluate (v) examine and judge carefully
Metacognition (n) “Thinking about thinking” or the ability to evaluate a cognitive task to determine how best to accomplish it, and then to monitor and adjust one’s performance on that task; awareness and understanding of one’s own thought process
Navigate (v) to find one’s way
Prowess (n) skill or expertise in a particular activity or field
Synergy (n) the power that results from the combination of two or more forces