Q4W3 (April 4 – 8)

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Grammar Presentation Project

Fallacies Powerpoint

TeacherKevin Kearney
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level7
Week #3
Unit of Instruction
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.7.R.2.4 Track the development of an argument, analyzing the types of reasoning used, and their effectiveness.
ELA.7.R.3.2 Paraphrase content from grade-level texts.
ELA.7.R.3.4 Explain the meaning and/or significance of rhetorical devices in a text.
ELA.K12.EE.6.1 Use appropriate voice and tone when speaking or writing.
ELA.7.R.2.1 Explain how individual text sections and/or features convey a purpose in texts.
ELA.7.C.1.3 Write and support a claim using logical reasoning, relevant evidence from sources, elaboration, a logical organizational structure with varied transitions, and acknowledging at least one counterclaim.
ELA.7.C.2.1 Present information orally, in a logical sequence, emphasizing key points that support the central idea.
ELA.7.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.
ELA.7.C.5.1 Integrate diverse digital media to build cohesion in oral or written tasks.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

– understand grade level grammar topics
– identify rhetorical devices and discuss their effect
– organize and present information in a clear, sensible manner
– use grade-level appropriate vocabulary
– deliver a well-prepared presentation to peers

Classroom Activities

Monday April 4
Periods 1 and 2: cancelled for FSA testing
Period 3: Review new vocab, prep time for Grammar Presentations

Tuesday April 5
Periods 1 and 2: Review new vocab, prep time for Grammar Presentations
Period 3: Grammar Presentations (Tristan, Rylen, Sam, Elijah, Keylani, Alissa)

Wednesday April 6
– Do Now: Compare and contrast the two paintings above. What assumptions can you make about the painters?
– Introduction to Fallacies (rhetorical and logical)
– Independent Work Time
Period 3: Grammar Presentation (Makiah, Shia)

Thursday April 7
– Grammar Presentations (period 1: Ryker, Daniel, Miya, Bradyn, Lauren, Kierce, Darrien) [period 2: Tucker, Darren, Xavi, Jaxson, Ella, Sadie, Gabe, Rashelle]
– Period 3: Grammar Review with Mr. K, Continue work on understanding fallacies

Friday April 8
– Do Now:
– Vocab Quiz
– Fallacies activity

Assignments Due

Friday: Vocab Quiz
Thursday: Grammar Presentations (period 1: Ryker, Daniel, Miya, Bradyn, Lauren, Kierce, Darrien) [period 2: Tucker, Darren, Xavi, Jaxson, Ella, Sadie, Gabe, Rashelle]

Additional Resources


Cognizant (adj) having knowledge or being aware of.
“statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work”

Consciousness (n) the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
“she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”
the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
“consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”

Conscience (n) an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.
“he had a guilty conscience about his desires”

Conscientious (adj) (of a person) wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly; diligent; attentive; careful
“a conscientious and hardworking clerk”

Conspicuous (adj) standing out so as to be clearly visible.
“he was very thin, with a conspicuous Adam’s apple”
attracting notice or attention.
“he showed conspicuous bravery”