Q3: Week 4 2/16/21 to 2/19/21 Innovation Learners

Wednesday (2/17/21)

  • Punnett Square Practice punnett square practice 2
    • Submit Via Gradebook
  • Vocabulary: Define each word, write it in a sentence and draw a colored picture. Due 2/22/21 (Monday) 
    • Clone, 
    • Heterozygous
    • Homozygous
    • Hybrid
    • Phenotype
    • Genotype

Thursday (2/18/21)

  • Paper Pet activity_paper_pet_instructions
  • Page 3activity_paper_pet_student_resource 
    • Due at the end of the class period. 2/18/21
      • First you are going to chose the phenotype (physical trait) and then genotype use number 3 on first page to create a paper pet. After either draw using the correct colors or create a parent with construction paper. Follow the correct color coding on page 2. After you create the first parent which will be a female (XX) then you will create a second parent which will be a male(XY). So again go through the list and chose different traits for the parent. After you chose the traits your are going to create parent # 2.
      • After you create both parents you are going to complete 6 Punnett Squares based on their genotypes. Then you are going to create an offspring from the 6 Punnett Squares. Close your eyes and pick one trait from each Punnett Square. From there you will write that trait down in the offspring chart above the Punnett Squares. Once you choose all the traits you will create 1 baby offspring with all those traits. 
      • Glue mom, dad and baby to a paper and take a picture and submit to me. Please label each pet. You will submit the picture on Gradebook.