Q3: Week 7 3/8/2021 to 3/12/2021 Innovation Learners

Monday (3/8/2021)

  • Complete Asexual Creature Assignment¬†Asexual creature assignment
    • Submit via e-mail. (will be used for attendance)
  • When finished with that you will work on the study guide for the test on Thursday(3/11/2021).
  • If you finish the study guide you are to spend the remainder of class working on the Genetics Dinner Menu Project that is due Wednesday (3/10/2021)

Wednesday (3/10/2021)


Thursday (3/11/2021)

  • Test on Genetics is today!
    • Login to zoom with video on and ready to take test.¬†
    • Test closes out at 3:30 pm so if you don’t login and take it you will get a zero on the summative.
    • Have a blank piece of paper you can write Punnett squares on during the test