Q4: Week #1 3/21/22 to 3/25/22

Monday & Tuesday (3/21/22 & 3/22/22)

  • Finish watching Corals Virtual Field Trip
    • When Finished you are going to take a stand on if you think corals are going extinct on the worksheet below. Do not look up any reasons. Just answer it based on your current knowledge of corals. 
    • CoralsWorksheet 2020
      • You are going to read the 4 Articles on your table and come up with 4 reason for each side of the argument. That means 4 facts from the articles on why corals are going extinct and 4 facts on why corals are not going extinct.

Wednesday (3/23/22)


Thursday & Friday (3/24/22 & 3/25/22)

  • Tallahassee Field Trip