Q4: Week #2 4/5/2021-4/9/2021 Innovation Learners

Monday (4/5/2021)

  • Continuing Coral Reef Worksheet from Thursday
    • You had to take a stand on your opinion on Thursday on question 1 with one reason to back it up. Now read the 2 articles and look over the 2 pictures. You are going to answer question 2-4. If you said corals are going extinct in question 2 you are going to find 4 reasons/facts why they are in the articles and pictures. If you said they aren’t going extinct then you should find 4 reasons/facts to back up your opinion. On question 3 you are doing the opposite side of the argument you haven’t done. You should again have 4 reason/facts from the articles to back it up. Question 4 you are stating what you think at the end after your research. You should have 2 major reasons/facts to back up your final stand. 
    • When you finish you have vocabulary that is due by 4/7/2021
      • the 4 words are Diversity, Species, Adaptations, Extinction
        • Define
        • Write in a sentence
        • Draw and color a picture of the word.


Wednesday (4/7/2021) 

  • FSA Writing 8th grade no movement till 10:15am so we won’t be having a zoom class. 


Thursday (4/8/2021)