Q2 Week 1 11/2/2020 to 11/6/2020 Innovation Learners

Monday (11/2/2020)

  • DIA  Heat, Temperature, & EM Spectrum is on Wednesday

Wednesday (11/4/2020)

  • DIA Heat, Temperature  & EM Spectrum
    • Login to School City and use the code I give out in Zoom class to sign in. 
    • Test needs to be done while you are logged into Zoom with me
    • Camera’s need to be on and phone are to be put away.
    • Your notes and papers for this class need to be put away.


Thursday (11/5/2020)

  • Notes on Earth’s Layers (30 to 45 min) Earth Layers Notes Fill in the blank
  • Test remediation and retakes. Test must be completed by 3:30 pm Thursday ( today 11/5) else it closes out on School City and you will get a 0!
  • For those not needing test remediation you will work on an Earth’s Layers Crossword puzzle. Use notes we just took or textbook on Canvas. Earths_Layers_Crossword
  • Finish any outstanding Edgenuity’s before we start the new unit.