Q1: Week 3 9/14/2020 to 9/18/2020 Innovation Learners

Please make sure you are joining Zoom sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during 4th period. 

Monday 9/14/2020

First please make sure you are logging it to Edgenuity through Edgenuity’s website (https://www.edgenuity.com/login/ ) and NOT Vportal.

  •  Click on  Intro to Energy on Edgenuity and make sure all sections are done since that was assigned to be completed on Thursday (9/10/2020).  
  • Today complete the bell ringer on the Inquiry Task paper.Inquiry Task Monday & Thursday
    • Will be page 2 in your binder
  • Next login to Edgenuity https://www.edgenuity.com/login/and click on your Science class.
  • Click on Potential and Kinetic Energy section
    • Click on warm up and complete (4 m)
    • Click on Instruction and complete (17 m)
    • Click on Assignment and complete (17 m)
    • Click on Summary and complete (2 m)
  •  Then go to next section Energy Transformation
    • Click on Warm up and complete (4 m)
    • Click on Instructions and complete (16 m)
    • Energy Transformation (30 to 40 m)

Wednesday 9/16/2020

Watch video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8a-L1lkq3w

  • Then make sure you have complete the energy chart with pictures I posted on Edgenuity. https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student
    • This will be a grade in gradebook.
  • Complete any missing Edgenuity assignments. You should be completed all the way to the section Energy Transformation and in there the Energy Transformation Energy Chart assignment should be completed and submitted.

If you have any questions please send me a remind.

Also remember you need to submit the files for the assignments on Edgenuity. If it doesn’t work for you please change the type of file you are submitting to docx or doc. 



Friday 9/18/2020

  • Formal Lab on Energy and Report ( Summative Grade)
  • First go to https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/energy-forms-and-changes
    • You need to click the play button to open the lab. 
    • Then click on system and go into that one. 
    • Once in lab click on energy symbols in top right hand corner and keep them on during the whole lab.
    • Also when you try and turn the water on you click on handle pull it out and let go of mouse after you move off the handle. If you don’t the water will shut off.
    • Answers the questions in order on the lab worksheet. Energy Transformation virtual lab
    • You are going to submit it to me via the Vportal Focus Gradebook.



Websites of Use

Brain-pop https://www.brainpop.com/science/energy/formsofenergy/

Generation Genius https://www.generationgenius.com/videolessons/potential-vs-kinetic-energy-video-for-kids/