Q1: Week 7 10/12/2020 to 10/16/2020 Innovation Learners

Monday (10/12/2020

Go to Edgenuity and Click on and complete Lab: Thermal Energy Transfer

    • Click on and complete warm up( 2 min)
    • Click on and complete Instructions ( 25 min)
    • Click on and complete Virtual lab ( 27 min)
    • Click on and complete Assignment: Reflect on the lab (17 min)
    • Catch up any missing assignment or missing vocabulary due today. Please remember to submit all assignments via Gradebook or Edgenuity. 

Wednesday (10/14/2020)

    • Lab Report (40 min- 1 hour) Complete the following worksheet on the lab and submit on gradebook. Edgenuity Heat Lab

Complete any missing work or section of Edgenuity if you have any extra time. 

Thursday (10/15/2020)

  • Click on States of Matter in Edgenuity
      • Warm up (5 min)
      • Instructions (18 min)
      • Assignment (16 min)
      • States of matter assignment (15 min)States of matter
      • Summary (2 m)
      • Quiz (15 min) This will be a grade in Grade-book.
      • Read the wave note before you come to class Monday. Waves crest and trough notes

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