Q4W2, March 28 – April 1

American Legal System Summative Study Guide PDF

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Rule of Law PowerPoint Student Copy

TeacherCara Copeland
Subject AreaCivics
Grade Level7
Week #2
Unit of InstructionAmerica's Legal System
Standard(s) Taught

SS.7.C.3.10 – Identify sources and types (civil, criminal, constitutional, military) of law.
SS.7.C.3.11 – Diagram the levels, functions, and powers of courts at the state and federal levels.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Recognize constitutional, statutory, case and common law as sources of law.
Recognize juvenile law.
Compare the different types of laws.

Classroom Activities


  • Types of Laws Presentation – Rule of Law PowerPoint at the top of the page (you can also view the rule of law video at the top of the page)
  • Civil and Criminal Law
    • Read pages 416 – 427 in Textbooks
    • Complete Let’s Review Questions on page 420 and page 427
    • Write down key vocabulary terms



  • American Legal System DIA
Assignments Due

State Research Project Packets – Those who did not attend the field trip (complete at least 10 pages)
Civil and Criminal Law Review Questions (formative)

Additional Resources