Q4W6, April 26 – 29



EOC Study Guide PDF

1 – Civics EOC Index Card Vocabulary

Homework Study Log – Week1

TeacherCara Copeland
Subject AreaCivics
Grade Level7
Week #6
Unit of InstructionForeign Policy/EOC Review
Standard(s) Taught

Review All 27 Civics Standards

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Review the 27 standards that will be covered in the Civics EOC.
Classroom Activities

Monday – Student Holiday


  • Review Media in Politics – Bias, Propaganda, and Symbolism
  • EOC Study Guide – Complete Part 1
    • Watch the Civics EOC Part 1 video or use the EOC PowerPoint and fill in the EOC Study Guide PDF for Part 1
  • EOC Homework Instructions
  • EOC After-School Review Sessions/EOC Bootcamp


  • Foreign Policy/International Organizations PowerPoint and Guided Notes Guided Notes Foreign Policy
    • 5th, 6th, and 7th periods – Complete Part 1 of the EOC Study Guide PDF for Homework (watch the Civics EOC Part 1 video and fill in the study guide as you watch)



Assignments Due

EOC Flashcards (Not Graded, used for EOC Review Games/Personal Study)

EOC Study Guide

Foreign Policy Matching (Formative) 

Homework Study Log Signed by a Parent/Guardian (formative)

Additional Resources