* Civics EOC Review Letter – Early Start

Dear 7th Grade Parent/Guardian,
The Civics End Of Course (EOC) Exam is fast approaching!  Please be reminded, the Civics EOC exam is a requirement for every 7th grader in the state.  Unlike FSA testing, the EOC does not have an opt out option.  The EOC counts as 30% of a student’s final grade in Civics (mandated by the state) and the student must pass in order to progress to High School.  Because this is such an important part of your child’s academic year, I ask that you assist them with organizing, preparing, and studying as much as possible.
The exam will be taking place on May 18th and May 19th. During the four weeks prior to the exam students will be required to study a minimum of 30-45 minutes each day (1 day off a week) until the exam. Each week, students will receive a log sheet to track their daily progress.  I will ask that you initial these daily.  Students will receive a copy of the log sheet each week in class, but here is a copy so that you can print it at home if needed and to get a look at what is to come: Homework Study Log Sheet.  Log sheets will be collected weekly at that time and will count as formative grades.
As for what students can study early, a variety of tools and resources are available to help keep them focused and enthusiastic about the material.  First and foremost, try  doing a google search for Civics EOC study materials, there is a vast amount of resources available and I love when students bring back great places they have found that I didn’t even know were out there.  But of course here are some of the resources I do know about:
  • You and your child can go through all of the past units uploaded right here on connect.  They will tell you exactly what will be tested on the EOC, as well as list extra resources that you can work on with your child at home.
  • Students can review the PowerPoint slides they have acquired throughout the year.
  • Students may play iCivics games at www.icivics.com 
  • Students can review using Review Sheet 1 and Review Sheet 2.
  • Students can study and memorize the amendments to the constitution (List of Amendments)
  • Students can review and study the Florida State Test Preparation Packet (Test Preparation Packet). 
  • Go to the website http://floridacitizen.org/posts/florida-middle-school-civics-eoca-review-resources lists TONS of online sites that prepare students for the EOC.  
As the exam gets closer we will also be doing a variety of in class preparation, as well as hold a weekend bootcamp on Saturday, May 15th.   The best way that you can assist your child with preparation for this exam is by conversing with them about what they are studying and studying along with them.  Your input could greatly impact your child’s understanding of the material.  Feel free to create games and competitions, making studying fun never hurts.
If you have any questions or would like any additional resource items to help your child better prepare for the Civics EOC, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
*Please note, copies of all attachments will also be sent home with students when needed. 
Warmest Regards,
Stacy Ann Gregorski