Innovative Learners: Week 3 (9/14 – 9/18)


Dear Parents and Students:

Happy Monday!  Please be reminded that students are expected to login to zoom for civics every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during 6th period.  If you are unable (for any reason) to join class, please send me an email at  Thank you!!!


 Tuesday’s Agenda:

  1. Study/Review for your exam for about 30 – 45 minutes.  You can do this in many ways!  Here are a few suggestions:
  2. Take the Citizenship, Duties, and Responsibilities Exam:
    • Go to
    • Enter the class code GREGORSKI2
    • Type your last name, first name
    • Take the exam.  There are 25 questions all multiple choice and true and false.  You can navigate back and forth between questions.  Take your time and answer each question the best you can.  DO NOT USE YOUR NOTES TO TAKE THE EXAM!  I allow as many retakes as needed, so no need to worry if you do not do well on the first attempt.
    • When you have completed all questions click “finish quiz”
  3. If you have any time remaining time left in class, login to iCivics and play the 3 games listed in your assignments.  If you do not yet have an icivics account, the directions are still listed below.

 Wednesday’s Agenda:

  1. Make-up work and Citizenship test make-ups/remediation
  2. Watch “The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents” – Episode #1, Assume the Position:


 Friday’s Agenda:

  1. Civics Zoom class has been canceled today.  Please watch the following videos during class instead:


Directions for Creating an iCivics account:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “sign in” tab (top right corner)
  • Click the “register as a student” tab (bottom right)
  • Once on this screen do not put in your name or email address!!!  Instead, click “Wait, I Have A Class Code”
  • Now input your name and our class code: Burger23060
  • Next choose a login name.  Whatever name you choose you must write it down exactly as it is shown for future reference.  When you are done move to the next page.
  • Now you must create a password.  Please choose the password 123456.  It will be your username that will be unique to you and everyone in our class will have the same password.  Also, don’t forget to click the “agree to terms” box before clicking finish.
  • Once your account has been created, please click on the “Continue to My Assignments” tab or the “My iCivcs” tab.
  • Click the “classes” tab
  • Please play assigned games.