Innovative Learners: Week 5 (9/28 – 10/1)


***Please be reminded that students are expected to login to zoom for civics every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during 6th period.  If you are unable (for any reason) to join class, please send me an email at or message on remind (remind code @civic7).  

***Please be reminded that students should be working in a Bell Ringer Journal (either digitally on their computers or in a spiral notebook) each and every time we begin Civics class.  Bell Ringer entries are graded 2-3 times per quarter.  Each entry MUST start with the date and be answered in complete sentences.


Tuesday’s Agenda:

  1. Make-up work: Today I am giving students time to complete any work from unit one that has not yet been completed and/or turned in. Please check gradebook to be sure all assignments have been completed and send them to me either via email or remind.
  2. Unit 1 Exam Retake: Students may also use today’s class time to retake the Unit 1 exam on Citizenship for a higher grade if they wish.  To access the exam, please following the following directions:
    • Go to
    • Enter the class code GREGORSKI2
    • Type your last name, first name
    • Take the exam.  There are 25 questions all multiple choice and true and false.  You can navigate back and forth between questions.  Take your time and answer each question the best you can.  DO NOT USE YOUR NOTES TO TAKE THE EXAM!  I allow as many retakes as needed, so no need to worry if you do not do well on the first attempt.
    • When you have completed all questions click “finish quiz”
  3. If students have completed all work and do not need/wish to retake the exam, then they can join us for the movie National Treasure.  I will attempt to stream the movie live during class, but if I experience tech issues students may need to watch the movie on their own, if they have access to it.  If the movie has issues streaming and student doesn’t have access to it, students can play the game of their choice on iCivics.

Wednesday’s Agenda:

  1. Finish the movie “National Treasure”
  2. PowerPoint, Lecture, and Discussion: Enlightenment/John Locke PPT


 Friday’s Agenda:

  1. Bell Ringer:  What do you think it means when someone says “as a U.S. citizen, I have certain rights?”  Do you know any rights you have as a U.S. citizen?  List as many as you can.
  2. PowerPoint, Lecture, and Discussion: Enlightenment/John Locke PPT
  3. Island Assignment:  Island Assignment