Innovative Learners: Week 6 (10/5 – 10/9)


  1. Please be reminded that students are expected to login to zoom for civics every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during 6th period.  If you are unable (for any reason) to join class, please send me an email at or message on remind (remind code @civic7).  
  2. Please be reminded that students should be working in a Bell Ringer Journal (either digitally on their computers or in a spiral notebook) each and every time we begin Civics class.  Bell Ringer entries are graded 2-3 times per quarter.  Each entry MUST start with the date and be answered in complete sentences.


Tuesday’s Agenda:

  1. Bell Ringer: Who is John Locke and what did he believe in?  What is Social Contract and do we have one of these “contracts” here in the United States?
  2. Assignment (Formative Grade):  Island Assignment
  3. Assignment (Extra Credit):  John Locke Word Search  

Wednesday’s Agenda:

  1. Bell Ringer: What do you think the purpose of government is?  How do you think we keep  government from becoming too powerful?
  2. PowerPoint, Lecture, and Discussion: Montesquieu PowerPoint

Friday’s Agenda:

Mrs. Gregorski will not be at school today so there will be no Zoom Call today!  Please watch the following episode of “The Story of Us” for class today:  If you have time left over, please work on all make-up work, many students have missing assignments.

Thank you!